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About Joe Pietaro

When you love what you do for a living, no amount of assignments or jobs can be considered too many. That is why I am always looking for more places to write and/or host, and hopefully your company and I can find that match.


*Founding Editor, MuscleSport Magazine (May 2008 to present)


*Editor-in-Chief, Fitness RX For Men Online (January 2013 to September 2014)


*Contributing Editor, Muscular Development Magazine (January 2013 to September 2014)


*Writer, FLEX Magazine (November 2011 to January 2013)


*Writer, Muscle & Fitness Magazine (November 2011 to January 2013)


*Contributing Editor, Fitness RX for Men Magazine (January 2010 to September 2014)


*Feature Writer, Muscle & Strength (September 2014 to present)


*Staff Writer, Ultimate Athlete Magazine (July 2008 to present)


*Contributing Writer, Muscle Evolution Magazine (December 2014 to present) 


*Staff Columnist, Long Island (January 2005 to November 2013)


*Editor-in-Chief, New York Sportscene Magazine (February 2006 to 2012)


*Contributing Writer, Bro Bible (September 2014 to present)


*Co-Editor, Fansided/Empire Writes Back (New York Jets, Giants) (October 2014 to present)


*Giants Writer, Rant Sports (October 2014 to present)


*Contributing Writer, Sports, Nutrition and Supplement Guide (July 2014 to present) 


                           ARTICLES PUBLISHED IN:



*Muscular Development Magazine

*FLEX Magazine

*Muscle & Fitness Magazine

*Fitness RX for Men Magazine

*Fitness and Physique Magazine

*New York Sportscene Magazine

*The New Jersey Daily Record Newspaper

*Inside Pitch Magazine

*Gotham Baseball Magazine

*Ultimate Athlete Magazine

*MuscleSport Magazine

*The Canarsie Courier Newspaper

*The Montauk Sun Newspaper


*Washington Husky



*NY Sports

*Long Island



*Muscle & Strength

*Fansided/Empire Writes Back

*Sports, Nutrition and Supplement Guide




*Co-host, Gear TV – (2014 to present)


*Sirius Satellite Radio, sports reporter – (2008-2009)


*SportScene Radio, co-host (2007-2009)


*MuscleSport Radio, host (2008 to present)


*Xtreme Radio, co-host (2013 to September 2014)


*Jets Confidential Radio, contributor (2013 to present)


*The Joseph Cumia Show, Executive Producer (September 2014 to present) 


NY Sports Day

NY Sports Day


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