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Setting the Pace: Jets OLB Succeeds in First Campaign in New York

Archive   ·   September 22, 2014

    Being part of a complete overhaul has its advantages. First of all, basically any success will be viewed as an improvement. Secondly, all of the expectations and responsibility will not be placed squarely on one person’s shoulders, so the accolades – and blame – will be divided evenly.   When New York Jets […]

Casting His Own Shadow: Out of Peyton’s, Eli Looms Large in Gotham City

Archive   ·   September 22, 2014

When does one know that he has finally ‘arrived?’   In the case of Eli Manning, the obvious moment would appear to be winning Super Bowl XLII and being named MVP. Stepping up in the biggest game of one’s career to the level that Manning did last February is definitely an accomplishment to last a […]

Armed and Dangerous: Strength and Conditioning Workout With 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick

Archive   ·   September 3, 2014

It was the moment that all professional athletes cannot wait for. To get the word that they are now in the starting line-up, finally receiving that golden opportunity to show everyone else what they already knew themselves – that they belong there.   But Colin Kaepernick may have been the last person to find out […]

Get Shredded With the UFC’s Georges “Rush” St-Pierre

Archive   ·   September 3, 2014

     There is a telling scene in the 1977 documentary “Pumping Iron” where Arnold Schwarzenegger is being asked about maintaining his status as the champion while fending off a potential trying challenge from one Lou Ferrigno. Schwarzenegger is given a scenario in which “the wolf on the hill is not as hungry as the […]

A Star Is Born: “Pumping Iron” Put Schwarzenegger on the Mainstream Map

Archive   ·   September 3, 2014

It was nearly over before it even began. That was the situation back in the winter of 1976 when George Butler ran out of cash halfway through completing “Pumping Iron,” the documentary that became bodybuilding folklore.   So with nothing to lose and everything to gain, the filmmaker gambled on running a posing exhibition of […]

Defense Mechanism: NBA Bad-Boy L.A. Laker Ron Artest Hits From Downtown When It Comes to Training

Archive   ·   September 3, 2014

“I want to be ready. I have to be ready.” That is what Ron Artest kept telling himself during his 73-game suspension in 2004, following the most infamous brawl in professional basketball history. The bad-boy swingman from the Queensbridge projects stepped over the line, and the National Basketball Association threw down the hammer. “Sometimes the […]

Chiseled Abs With Mario Lopez – Fighting His Way To a Lean and Ripped Physique

Archive   ·   September 2, 2014

   The last thing that Mario Lopez needs is to change his appearance. His attractive and youthful face has been a constant throughout his television career and the last thing that any of his representatives want him to do is mix it up in the boxing ring, a place where good looks can be altered […]

Kick Ass Total Body Workout With NY Giants Punter Steve Weatherford

Archive   ·   September 2, 2014

There are scores of people— professional athletes included— who would consider 35 to 40 minutes to be ample time for a full workout. Luckily for the New York Giants, Steve Weatherford is not one of them. You see, the talented punter spends 35 to 40 minutes just getting his body ready for his training session, […]

Get Jacked and Sharper Than Ever With NFL Hall-of-Famer and CBS Analyst Shannon Sharpe

Archive   ·   September 2, 2014

   There are times when it takes more than just willpower to say no to that cheat meal. We have all been there when the craving becomes almost overwhelming and you have to reach down deep for the strength it takes to walk away from what you know is a bad choice and stick to […]

You’ve Got to Have Heart

Archive   ·   June 22, 2009

The Legendary Dan Lurie Has Seen it All –  The 16-year old felt as if his world came crashing down on him all at once. With aspirations of becoming a prize fighter, the last three years of training all seemed for naught when he was turned down at the prestigious Golden Gloves tournament in New York […]

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